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Guilin tourism revenue of nearly 600 million yuan in 2018 to profitability

Date: 2019-03-31

During the reporting period, the implementation of guilin's tourism revenue of 573 million yuan, up 3.02% from a year earlier, the total cost 540 million yuan, the company's business fell 0.64% year on year, realize the operating profit of 86.5744 million yuan, up 54.79% from a year earlier;Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of 80.4022 million yuan, up 51.87% from a year earlier.Company said that in 2018, by reasonable control costs, the company overall business efficiency significantly increased.

According to a report in guilin tourism company subsidiary of silver rock tourists 2.79 million person-time, realize the business income is 110 million yuan, net profit of 70.7048 million yuan, hit a record high.Company wholly-owned subsidiary lakes it realize the operating income of 121 million yuan, up 3.70% from a year earlier, the net profit of 19.3255 million yuan, up 48.91% from a year earlier, to obtain the best result in recent years.Company wholly-owned subsidiary of lijiang achieve great falls hotel operating income of 103 million yuan, 0.16% year-on-year drop in net profit of 8.5737 million yuan, up 25.30% from a year earlier.The li river cruise company branch company operating income of 107 million yuan, up 6.70% from a year earlier.Company wholly-owned subsidiary congratulation state spa company tourists 152400 person-time, up 13.09% from a year earlier, realize the business income is 11.758 million yuan, up 32.28% from a year earlier, a net profit of 326000 yuan, year-on-year increase of 1.5125 million yuan, profitability.

During the reporting period, the main business of guilin's tourism, products and business model has not changed much, main performance driving factors for silver rock, two rivers and four lake, the lijiang river, great falls hotel and li river cruise passenger services.

Public information, is mainly engaged in tourism of guilin's tourism services and tourism services related business, main business includes: a cruise ship passenger transport, tourism, hotel, highway passenger travel, taxi business, etc.Company has a core of two rivers and four lake tourism resources in guilin area, silver rock scenic area, abundant fish rock, longsheng hot spring scenic spot, zi river the tianmen mountain scenic spot, zi river, danxia hot spring scenic area management, and with the company's actual the first big shareholder guilin tourism development corporation to build the city famous scenic spot - seven star scenic area and xiangshan scenic area;The company has a 100% stake in five-star hotels in guilin lijiang great falls hotel.

As of this disclosure during the reporting period, guilin tourism has a new transformation of the lijiang river star cruise ship, 38, 3753 a seat, accounts for about 31.10% of the total number of the lijiang river in guilin star cruise;Company has a rental car 352, accounts for about 16.30% of the total rental car in guilin;The company has large and medium-sized tourist bus 150, accounts for about 4.15% of the total tourist bus in guilin.